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Brewery Becker crafts fine artisan, historic Ales and Lagers, made right in the brewery and tap-room, located in downtown Brighton, MI.

We make tasty beverages all year long, but lots of our beers are limited releases, not available at all times, so grab em while you can.

Most of our beer is De-Glutenized, denoted by DG on the menu. 

D.G. = De-glutenized

On Tap Menu, available now

Vargdricka | A Scandinavian farmhouse ale. Based on the daily drink of the Vikings. A gruit ale, it is bittered with Juniper and Bog Myrtle. Rounds out with a light honey sweetness. A Brewery Becker favorite. 6.2% -DG

NEW! 1899 W.Y. S1 | A Victorian era Scottish sweet stout originally brewed by William Younger, Scotland’s largest brewery. A classic stout, brewed in collaboration with historian Ron Pattinson. 5.9%

Roggenbier | Regensburg’s answer to Munich’s Hefeweizen. A rich and smooth Rye ale. 5.0% -DG

Bello Belgae  | A strong Belgian ale. Meaning the “Belgian war”, this strong ale is fermented with a wild yeast harvested from the beach of Lake Superior. Dry, highly alcoholic, with notes of fruit and spice and hints of caramel. 11.7% -DG 8oz pour

Doppelsticke Alt | The heaviest, darkest, and hoppiest of the Alt beers of Düsseldorf. Dark, rich, and malty with a nice balance of hops. 6.7% -DG

Kölsch | A light and easy drinking beer. The traditional beer of Köln (Cologne) Germany. Very pale with subtle apple and pear notes and mild hop bitterness. A great summer drinker. 4.8% -DG

North Coaster | Similar to a west coast style IPA, North Coaster IPA is dry, smooth, less bitter, and bursting with hop aroma. Made w\ hops only grown in Michigan. Welcome to the Best Coast. 7.1% -DG 12oz

NEW! Barley Wine | A traditional English barley wine aged for 6 months in barrels. Strong, moderate caramel notes, and a slight wine like tang yield a wonderful beer for the colder months. 12.1% -DG 8oz

Barrel Aged Tripel | Very dry, vinous, and a tad spicy. An aged version of the classic Tripel. Aged for 6 months in Stag’s Leap barrels. 11.1% 12 oz -DG

Bitter | English Bitter is a light amber, moderately hoppy, low gravity beer. One of the most popular styles in England. 3.7% -DG

Hefeweizen | The classic wheat beer of Bavaria. Smooth and creamy with banana and clove like flavors produced by the yeast. Little bitterness. A Brewery Becker Favorite. 5.2% -DG

St Basils Bottled Craft Beer_limited release_CC fundraiser_Brewery Becker_IMG_20160423_154512

Bottled Products

SOLD OUT: St. Basil’s | A Belgian Dark strong. Carmel and malt balance out with the direct kick of alcohol. Quite dry for such a large beer. All proceeds go to educational opportunities. Brewed with goodness, discipline, and knowledge. 10.8% 22oz Bottle -DG $12.00

NEWer! Chartier | A traditional mixed fermentation Framboise Lambic. Made with unmalted wheat, a traditional turbid mash, an extremely long boil, huge amount of aged hops, and a massive amount of raspberries. Barrel aged for nearly two years. Tart, Fruity, vinous, and a tad funky. 5.8% 750ml -DG  $16.00


Most drafts are $5.50 w/ tax.

Most Growlers $12.00 w/ tax

Find out about Growlers, Kegs and all the beer we’ve made! 

Growlers, Kegs & more Beer, oh my!

We fill Growlers, Kegs and Barrels. Visit our Artisanal Beer page to learn more about this and see our full list of beers we’ve made thus far.

You may bring in your own wine or carry-out food from local purveyors. We offer non-alcoholic beverages as well and a limited food menu. Visit our Experience page for more about this.

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