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Brewery Becker is one of a kind – crafting fine artisan, historic Ales and Lagers, made right in the brewery and tap-room! 

Note: Although our beers may use gluten containing grains, in the brewing process they are “crafted to reduce gluten,” leaving trace amounts.

Kegs + Growlers

growler howler craft beer glasses filled

1/2 and 1/6th barrels available. Bring us your Corny Kegs, and we will fill them for you! Filling time is necessary for barrels and kegs, so contact us ahead of time to make arrangements. Keg fills start at $70 for a 1/6th and $140 for a 1/2 and go up, depending upon your beer selection. Deposits and taps are extra.

Standard Growlers and Howlers with the Brewery Becker logo are available for purchase in the tap room. You’re welcome to bring in your own Howler or Growler to be filled up, too. Please return or recycle your empty glass. 

Mug Club

Mug Club members get $1 off drafts and growler fills for the length of your membership. Learn more.


See what beers are currently on tap, plus check out our coffee drinks, non-alcoholic beverage options and our light eats food menu.

All the biers of Brewery Becker:

  • Aged Imperatrix | Full strength Imperatrix aged for an extended time in barrels. Bursting with old ale character, this beer is dark, strong, smooth, and finishes with an acidic balance. 11.9% 8oz 
  • Altbier | The classic copper colored beer of Dusseldorf. The most common form of Alt, this beer is smooth, balanced and easy to drink. 4.8%
  • American IPA | American hops give this IPA a citrus note compared to the English version. It also has traditional hopping levels.
  • B.A. Tripel | Pale, dry, and modestly tannic; this Belgian Style Tripel was aged in Stag’s Leap barrels. A smooth, spicy, and warming drink. 10.3% 12oz
  • B.A. Entire Butt | Entire Butt is the colonial precursor of porter and stout porter. Barrel aged (B.A.), dark, with a coffee-like roast. 12oz  8.5%
  • Barley Wine | A traditional English barley wine aged for 6 months in barrels. Strong, moderate caramel notes, and a slight wine like tang yield a wonderful beer for the colder months. 12.1% 8oz
  • Barrel Aged Imperatrix | Our Imperatrix Imperial stout aged in bourbon barrels. Soft notes of bourbon and English cask flavors round out a gentle roast character. 12oz 9.0% 
  • Barrel Aged Tripel | Our popular Belgian style Tripel aged in bourbon barrels.  The sweetness and vanillas of the wood balance nicely with the lightness and easy drinking of the Tripel. 10.1% 12oz
  • Barrel Aged Tripel | Very dry, vinous, and a tad spicy. An aged version of the classic Tripel. Aged for 6 months in Stag’s Leap barrels. 11.1% 12 oz
  • Barrel Aged Vargdricka | This version of Vargdricka spent several months aging in oak barrels. Dryer, less carbonated, and clearer than regular Vargdricka, with notes of vanilla and oak. 6.2%
  • Bean Soup | Beer #1 in the Brewgyver series of beers. A savory beer with navy beans, oregano, garlic and onions. A collaboration with the world famous home brewer, the Brewgyver; also known as Mike O’Brien. A deep amber with a strong up front oregano which fades to a meaty savory bean character. 6.2%
  • Bello Belgae | A strong Belgian ale. Meaning the “Belgian war”, this strong ale is fermented with a wild yeast harvested from the beach of Lake Superior. Dry, highly alcoholic, with notes of fruit and spice and hints of caramel. 11.7% 8oz pour
  • Belgian Single | A lower gravity version of the classic triple. Dry, Golden, slightly fruity, with a light phenolic finish.   7.5%
  • Belgian Spruce IPA | Beer #2 in the Brewgyver series of beers. The floral notes of spruce blend nicely with Goldings hops and a light Belgian spiciness. 5.8%
  • Berliner Weisse | An authentic “Champagne of the North”, a very pale, sour, and dry, double decocted raw ale, wild fermented and lagered for 8 months. 3.1%
  • Bière de Noël | The Christmas beer of the French Farmhouse ales. A light body and slight caramel and toffee notes balance out with subtle spice flavors. Only produced once a year. 8.5% 12oz 
  • Bitters | The pub drink of Britain. Malt and a light bitterness round out this immensely drinkable beer. With its very low carbonation, it is known as a true session ale.
  • Black Currant Braggot | A darker braggot with a more balanced tannin level than regular Fruit Braggot.  17%  5oz
  • Blue Spruce Stout | Spruce was a traditional bittering agent used in colonial America. A sweet toasted stout with a hint of spruce aroma and bitterness.
  • Bohemian Pils | The original Pilsner beer. Hoppier than its German and American sisters. Golden, malty with a nice balance of hops.
  • Brewgyver Brown |An easy drinking English Brown made over our fire pits by the famous Brewgyver. 4.6%
  • Brown Beer | A wood kilned 1700s English Brown Beer. Potent smoke rounds out a smooth malt body. 6.8%
  • California Common | Beer #5 in our 150th Anniversary classic American beer releases. California Common, also called steam beer, was a lager ale hybrid. A well balanced amber beer. 5.0%
  • Cherry Stout | A smooth drinking combination of dark malt and Michigan cherries. 5.8%
  • Classic American Pilsner | Often called CAP, this brew is the pre-prohibition version of American corn Pilsners. Stronger, fuller in body, and with more hops than modern examples, but with all the classic American flavor. 5.2% 
  • Cap ‘N & Strawberries | Captain Crunch cereal and strawberries combine for a unique BrewGyver beer creation. 4.6%
  • Cranrazz | A cranberry and raspberry fruit beer. Light and dry with the tart bite of the two fruits. 5.0% 12oz 
  • Da U.P. Eh’ | Up front sweetness gives way to hop bitterness in this nicely balanced easy drinking IPA. 6.2%
  • D.I.P.A. | A double IPA. A higher gravity version of our Modern IPA. Big, moderately dry for its size, and full of hops. 8.0% 
  • Double IPA | A dry, 100% Michigan Centennial hops double IPA. 9.0% 12oz
  • Doppelbock | A traditional dark strong German Bock beer. Usually drank at Lent or during the Christmas season. Dark, intensely malty, fading to a mild hop/roast character. 7.9%
  • Doppel Sticke Alt | The darkest and heaviest of the Alt beers of Düsseldorf. Pronounced malt character is well balanced with hops. 6.2%
  • Dry Stout | The classic modern stout.
  • Dryhopped Sour | A wild fermented American dry hopped sour. Made with Colin Burton of the Ann Arbor Brewers Guild. A pale, lightly sour, aromatic quencher. 5.3%
  • Dubbel | A deep amber beer, with hints of dark fruits and burnt caramels. Smooth and moderately dry. A nose of sweetness and fruit aromas finishes with an even balance. 7.4% 12oz
  • Dunkelweizen | A south German wheat beer in the family of hefeweizen. Darker, with more malt and caramel notes than a regular hefeweizen. 5.6%
  • Düsseldorfer Altbier | The classic copper colored beer of Dusseldorf. The most common form of Alt, this beer is smooth, balanced, and easy to drink. 4.8%
  • East India Porter | EIP was the porter sibling to IPA. Significant dry hopping was added for the sea voyage. 6.1%
  • Ekuanot Session IPA | Strong hop flavor and aroma carry this beer from start to finish. 4.4%
  • English IPA | A traditional English IPA brewed with English hops and Golden Promise barley. Not nearly as hoppy as a modern IPA.
  • English Bitter | Gentle malt balances with a moderate hop kick for a true all day drinking beer. 3.9% 32oz avail.
  • Entire Butt | The precursor of stouts and porters.  A big bold assertive beer with a very roasty, coffee-like flavor.
  • English Mild | A light amber beer with low hop bitterness. The classic English pub beer. 3.5% 32oz avail.
  • Farmer’s Saison | The classic French farmhouse ale. This version is a throwback to the original farm hand Saison. Modern commercial examples tend to be 100% barley beers. This older style contains wheat, rye and oats as well. Pale and smooth with subdued spice notes. 7.0%
  • Festbier | A very malty beer that is low in alcohol and easy to drink.
  • Framboise Geueze | A barrel aged tart raspberry beer. Light, dry, with a nice balance of fruit and tart. 12oz 4.3% 
  • Fruit Braggot | Historically honey was very expensive. Braggots were a way to show off your wealth, but not too much. Typically a mixture of the local beer with honey. Ours also has Cherries and Red Raspberries. Thick, alcoholic, with a residual sweetness. 5 oz 17%
  • Gose |Pronounced “go-suh,” this old German ale originally from Goslar. Pale and lightly tart with a creamy smooth body thanks to its Lambic like fermentation. Coriander and salt round out the style for a truly unique beer. 5% 12oz
  • Grisette | A french farmhouse ale. “Saisons little brother”. A very light beer in body and color with a phenolic bite. Easy drinking.
  • Heather Ale | A nicely balanced amber beer bittered with heather tips as well as hops. 5.1%
  • Hefeweizen | The classic south German wheat beer. Known for its banana and clove flavors. Light and easy to drink. 5.6%
  • Helles Export | A classic south German beer, quite similar to pilsner. Brewed with Brandon Edwards, winner of the 2023 Celebrity Death Mash inter-club homebrew comp. 5.6%
  • Hildesheimer | Originally brewed in 1526 by Cord Broyhan, it became one of the most popular beers in the northern Holy Roman Empire. The style, Broyhan, has influenced many other beers styles, such as Berliner Weisse, Gose, and possibly even Kölsch. Pale, tart, and easy drinking. Can be drank “Mit Schuss”, or with a shot of fruit syrup. 4.1%
  • Hyappadricka |A collaboration brew with Hyappa Brews from Aichi, Japan. Reishi and Red Miso dominate. 6.2%
  • Imperatrix | An Imperial Stout. Dark and heavy, this beer is more of a sipping beer than our regular easy drinking stouts. Nicely balanced between sweet and roasted character. 11.6% 
  • IPL | A strong American India Pale lager. Stronger than a standard IPA(L), an amber beer with big hop flavors and aromas. 7.0%
  • Jörmungandr | This brew gained vast popularity at Brewery Becker. A Belgian dark strong ale, this powerful beer blends distinct caramel flavors with the dry and smooth finish of alcohol. 12 oz. pours 10.6%
  • Julöl | A modernized holiday version of our popular Vargdricka. Stronger, hopped, and aged in barrels; this Vargdricka is just right for the colder nights of Yuletide. 7.4%
  • Kentucky Common | A crisp, well balanced American amber ale. 5.5%
  • Knauflager: Ann Arbor Brewers Guild The 30th Anniversary homebrew contest winning beer, brewed with Jim Satin. A dark amber lager, it has great balance of malt, caramel and toast. 6.2%
  • Kölsch | A light and easy drinking beer. The traditional beer of Köln (Cologne) Germany. Very pale with subtle apple and pear notes and mild hop bitterness. A great summer drinker. 4.8%
  • Kriek Dubble | A barrel aged Belgian Dubble with Cherries. Dry, dark with hints of burnt raisin and oak tannins. A distinct cherry kick finishes it off. 8.2%
  • Kulmbacher | The original black beer of Germany. Rich and smooth with a nice hop balance. 6.3%
  • London Bitter | A classic post war English Bitter. Moderate hop character in an easy drinking light ale. 4.1%
  • Maibock | A Bock beer made for the spring. Full bodied and malty, with a noticeable hop bitterness. The hoppiest of the Bock beers. 7.3%
  • Märzen | Märzen beer is the official beer of Oktoberfest in München (Munich), Germany. A light amber color, malt forward flavor, and a balance of toast and hops make this an extremely drinkable beer. Prost! 5.3%
  • Modern Day IPA | The classic modern American IPA. Hoppy from start to finish. 5.5% 
  • Münsterländer Altbier |Alt beer was once popular throughout northern Germany. Mainly known from the Düsseldorf Alt. Our Alt is a throwback to the original style. Light, slightly fruity, lightly hopped, with just an ephemeral hint of tartness. Modern Alts are darker and hoppier. 5.0%
  • Münchener Pils | Pilsners originated in the Czech Republic, but quickly spread in popularity to become the world’s most common beer style. Ours is a traditional Munich pilsner. Light, incredibly crisp, with modest hop bitterness and flavor. 5.0%
  • Neo Citra IPA | Neo Mexicanus and Citra hops combine to give this west coaster IPA a distinct citrus flavor. 6.3%
  • Neo Cashmere IPA | A west coast style IPA with Neo Mexicanus and Cashmere hops. Drier, less bitter, but with significantly more hop aroma and flavor.
  • North Coaster | Similar to a west coast style IPA, North Coaster IPA is dry, smooth, less bitter, and bursting with hop aroma. Made with hops only grown in Michigan. Welcome to the Best Coast :)  6.3%
  • North German Wheat | Northern Germany was once filled with interesting wheat beers.  We feel this is a beer which could have fit in quite well.  Moderately hopped, smoked wheat malt, and a slight tartness round out this wheat ale.
  • Ore Kriek Dubbel |A barrel aged Belgian Dubbel with tart cherries. Dark fruit and burnt caramel gives way to a distinct cherry note. 7.4%
  • Oatmalt Stout | A rich and smooth stout, with noticeable oat character. Originally brewed by Maclays in the 1890s.
  • Oatmeal Stout | A smooth, creamy and sweet oatmeal stout with a modest roast character. 5.7% (Related blog: Oatmeal vs. Oatmalt)
  • Pekko Session IPA | A dry light session IPA made with aromatic Pekko hops. 4.8%
  • Petite Fermière | A small Farmer’s Saison. Fruity esters give way to a spicy Saison finish. A great dry summer beer. 5.4%
  • Petite Saison | Pale, very dry, and very light bodied; this Saison still packs the all the spicy notes of a full strength Saison. 5.4%
  • Pilsner | Originally from the Czech Republic, it is the world’s most popular beer style. Extremely well balanced between the malt and hops. 5.0%
  • Roggenbier | Regensburgs answer to Bavaria’s hefeweizen. A light amber beer with noticeable bread/pumpernickel and clove flavors. Creamy, cloudy and easy drinking. 4.8%
  • Roterweizen | A malt forward, modestly malty sweet Hefeweizen. Retains the creamy smooth body of a standard Hefeweizen. Just the beer for a fall day. 5.8%
  • Rotes Rossa | German meets Italian in this Brewery Becker creation. Märzen beer is combined with sangiovese grapes then aged for 4 months in new wine barrels. Dry, dark, tannic, and with hints of fruit and currants. 9.0% 8oz
  • Rotes Weizen |A red hefeweizen, it is sweeter and maltier than our regular hefeweizen; but, it retains the smooth easy drinking character wheat beers are known for. 5.2%
  • Running Porter |Running porters where the lowest gravity porters made in a family which ranged up all the way to imperial stouts. This one is from the turn of the 20th century. Dark, smooth, low carbonation, and immensely drinkable. 4.6%
  • Saison | The classic French farmhouse ale. Originally from the Wallonian region of France and Belgium, it is known for its light color; dry easy drinking finish, with light spicy and fruity notes. 7.0% 12oz
  • Session IPA | A easy beer for the hot days of summer. Still packs all the hop punch of its bigger relatives, but without the heavy body or high alcohol. 4.1%
  • Single | A lighter version of the famous Triple.
  • St. Basil’s |A Belgian Dark strong. Carmel and malt balance out with the direct kick of alcohol. Quite dry for such a large beer. All proceeds go to educational opportunities. Brewed with goodness, discipline, and knowledge. 22oz Bottle $12.00 #DCC #fundraiser
  • Tripel | A Belgian Tripel. Originally named by the Westmalle Trappist monks of Belgium. Large, dry and somewhat spicy, with a nose of alcohol. Drinks quite easily for a beer of its size. 10.1% 12oz
  • Vanilla Cinnamon Braggot | Barrel aged vanilla cinnamon braggot. 5oz 17%
  • Vargdricka | A Scandinavian Farmhouse ale. Bittered with Juniper, Bog Myrtle, and rounded out with a light honey sweetness and gentle smoke. A Brewery Becker favorite. 6.2%
  • Vargdricka Braggot | Honey was historically very expensive. Adding a large amount of honey to the standard beer of an area was a way to make a more exotic and precious drink. Typically it was done for special occasions or where one wanted to show off their wealth. Ours is based on Vargdricka. A large drink, with a nose of herbs and alcohol.
  • Victoria ES | A Victorian era Caribbean export stout from London. Smooth and creamy, with a nice balance of roast and hops. 8.0% 
  • Weizenbock | A Darker, sweeter and heavier version of the Hefeweizen. Maintains the smooth easy to drink character of Hefeweizen. This is the Weizen brewers answer to the popularity of Bock beers in the early 1900’s. 7.6% 
  • West Coaster | A west coast style IPA. Drier, less bitter, but with significantly more hop aroma and flavor. 6.3%
  • Witbier | A wheat beer with coriander and orange zest. An extinct style revived by Pierre Celis in Hoegaarden Belgium in the 1960s. 5.0% Not CRG (DID YOU KNOW? The copper kettle doors hanging on the wall at Brewery Becker were from Pierre Celis’ brewery in Belgium!)
  • 1865 X Ale | The descendant of the unhopped ales of England. By the Victorian era they were quite well hopped. Modern Mild ales are much weaker as well. Easy drinking with light malt character. 4.6%
  • 1857 B.P. X | An 1857 Barclay Perkins X ale. Strong and malty with significant hop bitterness. A classic English Mild. 7.0%
  • 1860s XXX Mild Ale | The descendent of the unhopped ales of Britain. By the Victorian era they were very well hopped. Modern Milds tend to be in the 3% range. This one is 8.0%. Very malty with a large addition of hops. Starts off sweet, finished bitter. 8.0% 
  • 1870s XXX Ale | X ales bigger sibling. Also a mild ale, but significantly stronger. Starts sweet and caramel, finishes bitter.
  • 1871 Wiener Abuzbier | A classic Victorian lager. Originally from Schwechat Austria, it was it was part of the product line developed by Anton Dreher, the father of Lager beer. Abzug was a tax classification. Malty with a distinct toast note and only mild hop bitterness. 4.2%
  • 1880’s XXK | XXK ales, also known as Burton Ales, are keeping versions of the old X mild ales. A strong amber ale, moderately hoppy with a nice warming finish. 8.1%
  • 1899 W.Y. S1 | A Victorian era, sweet Scottish stout originally brewed by William Younger, Scotland’s largest brewery. A classic stout, brewed in collaboration with historian Ron Pattinson. 5.9%
  • 1905 Amsdell IPA | A pre-prohibition American IPA. Moderately thick with a decent hop bitterness. Significant amounts of organic corn grits give it the “American” character. 7.7% 12oz
  • 1935 B.P. X | An 1935 Barclay Perkins X Ale. A significant drop in gravity yields an easy drinking ale much more similar to modern English Mild. 3.1% 32oz avail.

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