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Brewery Becker’s tap room menu offers finely crafted historic ales and lagers, made on-site, as well as non-alcoholic beverages, coffee drinks and a light food menu.


Updated December 9th

1. Vargdricka

A Scandinavian Farmhouse ale. Bittered with Juniper, Bog Myrtle, and rounded out with a light honey sweetness and gentle smoke. A Brewery Becker favorite. 6.2%

2. Crannrazz

A cranberry and raspberry fruit beer. Light and dry with the tart bite of the two fruits. 5.0% 12oz 

3. Re-released! Tripel

Pale and dry with a spicy kick. Originally made by the monks of the Westmalle monestary in Belgium. 9.3% 12 oz.

4. Jörmungandr

A Belgian dark strong ale, this powerful beer blends distinct caramel flavors with the dry and smooth finish of alcohol. 12 oz. pours 10.6%

5. Re-released! Kriek

A Belgian style wild ale with a moderate malt character. Aged on huge quantities of whole Michigan cherries. Malty and fruity. 6.0% 12oz

6. Kölsch

The traditional beer of Köln (Cologne) Germany. Very pale, light, and easy drinking. Similar in ways to a Pilsner, tho with a smaller hop profile and the ale like notes of pear or apples. 4.6%

7. North Coaster IPA

Similar to a west coast style IPA, North Coaster IPA is dry, smooth, less bitter, and bursting with hop aroma. A 100% Michigan Cashmere and Neomexicanus hopped IPA. Welcome to the Best Coast :)  6.3%

8. Just re-released! Bohemian Pilsner

The original Pilsner Beer. Golden, malty, with a nice balance of Saaz hops. 5.0%

9. 1905 Amsdell IPA

The last beer in our 150th Anniversary classic American beer releases. A pre-prohibition American IPA. Moderately thick with a decent hop bitterness. Significant amounts of organic corn grits give it the “American” character. 7.4% 12oz

10. Re-released! Running Porter

An early 1900s era London Running Porter. Dark, smooth, and very drinkable. Running beers where the mild versions of vatted porter. 4.7%

12. English Mild

A light amber beer with low hop bitterness. The classic English pub beer. 3.5% 32 oz. available.

13. Hefeweizen

The classic wheat beer of Bavaria. Smooth and creamy with banana and clove like flavors produced by the yeast. Little bitterness. A Brewery Becker Favorite. 5.6%

14. Berliner Weisse

An authentic “Champagne of the North”, a very pale, sour, and dry, double decocted raw ale, wild fermented and lagered for 8 months. Available “mit Schuss”, with a shot of Raspberry syrup served with a straw.  3.1%



A mixed fermentation Framboise Lambic. Made with un-malted wheat, a traditional turbid mash, an extremely long boil, huge amount of aged hops, and a massive amount of raspberries. Barrel aged for nearly two years. Tart, Fruity, vinous, and a tad funky.

5.8% 750ml $17.00


Most drafts are $6 w/ tax; Most Growler Fills are $13 w/ tax. Sample pours are $2.50 each (with few exceptions); Get as many or as few from the list as you like!

Visit our Artisanal Beer page to learn more about growlers, kegs and browse the list of all the beers we’ve made.

meat and cheese platter at brewery becker


Check out the food options! View our light eats on the Bill of Fare Menu which pairs perfectly with craft beer. We also offer NON-ALCOHOL beverages, coffee drinks, ice cream bars and more.


You may bring in your own bottle of wine or carry-out food from local purveyors. Ask our staff for suggestions or menus, we may have on hand. Visit our Experience page to learn more.


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