Historic anniversary: 150 years


Previously a hotel, Brewery Becker is a historic landmark in downtown Brighton. This year marks the building’s 150th anniversary. Brewery Becker will be celebrating by brewing a series of traditional American style beers from the late 1800s.

historic image of western house hotel downtown Brighton, MI, now home of Brewery Becker

Over the course of Summer 2023, we will be serving a Classic American Pilsner, a Kentucky Common, a Cream Ale, a Munchener, and a Pre-Prohibition IPA. They are all classic American beer styles ~ either ones born here (the Common and Cream Ale), or where American takes on classic old world styles (the IPA, Pilsner and Munchener).

When the hotel opened in 1873, the American beer scene was finishing its transition from classic English ales such porter to the new American adjunct Pilsner. It was a distinct and sudden shift, with Pilsners taking a very large majority in the market. Most other styles continued on as small local specialties, some going completely extinct with prohibition, or surviving as single examples.

Classic American Pilsner

The first of a series of “Classic American Styles beers” with a “Classic American Pilsner.” Often called CAP, this brew is the pre-prohibition version of American corn Pilsners. Stronger, fuller in body, and with more hops than modern examples, but with all the classic American flavor. 


Called Dunkel in Munich, this beer style was a popular style in late 1800s America before C.A.P. took over. An easy drinking amber lager with a light hopping. 4.6% This is the second beer release in the lineup of “Classic American style beers.”

Cream Ale

The third beer release in the lineup of “Classic American style beers,” this late 1800’s version has significant levels of corn and wheat. A light, yet rich, low bitterness sessionable beer. 5.1%

Kentucky Common 

Beer #4 in our 150th anniversary classic American beer releases. A crisp, well balanced American amber ale. 5.5%

California Common

Beer #5 in our 150th Anniversary classic American beer releases. California Common, also called steam beer, was a lager ale hybrid. A well balanced amber beer. 5.0%

1905 Amsdell IPA

The last beer in the classic American beer releases. A pre-prohibition American IPA. Moderately thick with a decent hop bitterness. Significant amounts of organic corn grits give it the “American” character. 7.4% 12oz

Historic photo of the Western House from Detroit Puplic Library’s digital collections.

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