Loral Hopped IPA

A new IPA is now on tap at Brewery Becker. Get in and get it while it lasts!


Loral IPA

A dry hopped IPA with Loral hops. These hops give a citrus and lemongrass like flavor.

7.1% -DG

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Read more about Loral Hops from: https://learn.kegerator.com/loral-hops/

“The Loral™ hop variety is the newest “hot hop” in the impressive run of popular hops.

The sudden and intense interest in this hop variety stems from its ability to toe-the-line between the aroma of the older hop “nobility” and the younger American varieties. It has the noble characteristics; herbal, peppery, floral. But it also carries an interesting lemon-citrus and dark fruit character that makes it unique. This uniqueness makes Loral appropriate for a wide range of beer styles.

After 13 years of experimentation and trials, Loral finally made her commercial debut in May of 2016.”

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