Märzen, the traditional Oktoberfest beer & Chartier back by the bottle



The traditional beer of Oktoberfest. Amber, malty, and drinkable. Made in March (hence the name) and lagered over the summer. Prost!

5.0% -DG   A special 32oz mug available!

Join us for our Oktoberfest event Thursday Friday and Saturday, Sept. 20th thru the 22nd in Brighton, MI at Brewery Becker!

Oktoberfest Event Details

It’s Back!!! 


A mixed fermentation Framboise Lambic. Made with un-malted wheat, a traditional turbid mash, an extremely long boil, huge amount of aged hops, and a massive amount of raspberries. Barrel aged for nearly two years. Tart, Fruity, vinous, and a tad funky.

5.8% 750ml  -DG   $17.00/Bottle

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