PORTER beer history

…because a good Porter is one of our favorite drinks. Here’s a little #beertrivia and #beerhistory for you with some graphics to pair.

Meaning of London porters.—ns. Port′erage, a carriage: charge made by a porter for carrying goods. The beer Porter was named after Porters in London who moved the cities commerce around.

• The full name of Stout is Stout Porter, meaning strong Porter.

• Did you know? There were no black beers before 1817, only really dark brown ones.

Oatmeal stout was invented as a patent dodge on the patented Oat Malt

• Stout used to be sold on its then perceived health benefits.  So
there where Nursing Stouts and Invalid Stouts.

Imperial Stout was named after the Imperial Court of Russia, a
popular destination for exported Stout.

Milk Stout was invented in 1909.  Its invention lead to patent law suits.

Porter went extinct briefly in the 1970s, saved by the start of the
craft beer movement.

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