“The Prehistoric Beers of Europe” Talk

Brewery Becker is hosting a talk with special guests Lars Marius Garshol and Patti Smith. Please join us for this free event, on the second floor of the Brewery Becker, June 4th at 2pm. We will also have a selection of Scandinavian Farmhouse ales on tap for the event!

Lars Marius Garshol is an author and researcher on traditional farmhouse brewing in Europe (like our house beer, Vargdricka). He shares what he’s learned in the books he’s published, on his blog, in articles and in giving talks. Lars has made a special impact on today’s Brewing Industry with the discovery of Kveik Yeast, a yeast strain that was a missing piece for the historic beer production process. 

Patti Smith will join us with her new book “Michigan Beer: A Heady History” to talk about the history of beer brewing in Michigan and its recent triumphs. Learn more + Purchase the book

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