Winter drinker

Released on tap Nov, 8th, 2019

Blue Spruce Stout

festive winter beer bitt bittered with Blue Spruce in addition to hops. A sweet stout, smooth, easy drinking, with a hint of spruce. 5.8% -DG

Stout on tap at Brewery Becker


A deep amber-brown with a distinct but balanced caramel character. A fading dryness gives way to a lingering sweet finish. A winter favorite. A whopping 11% served in a 12oz glass.

This big beer is named after the sea serpent, known as Jormungandr in Norse mythology, that grew so big it can wrap it’s body around the world and grab it’s own tail. When he releases his tail, Ragnarök will begin. Jörmungandr’s arch-enemy is the popular thunder-god, Thor.

The Jörmungandr’s siblings, Fenrir and Sleipnir are pictured on our Brewery Becker t-shirts. Check it out next time you stop in!

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